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Culture-Content is about bringing communities of people together around inspiring ideas that feature live experiences at the core. We welcome you to learn about how The Culture-Content Collective provides a framework to bring these inspirational ideas to life in Chicago. Discover how you can join the movement:

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Cindy Syracuse, Vice-President, Burger King, Miami, FL

Brian is easy to work with, flexible and is able to handle any “curve ball” thrown to him by his clients and makes it all look easy. He works well in cross-functional teams and is an experienced professional who understands the nuances in working with everyone from celebrity talent, to CEOS, to everyday customers – and treats them all with the same level of respect and enthusiasm.

Ann Healing, Director of Non-Profit, Breakthrough, Chicago, IL

Brian is a very passionate and high capacity leader that truly cares about his community and the city of Chicago. His use of videos and social media got the amazing result of being the top fundraiser of the 100+ on the team. He also led and supported others to use and apply the strategies and tactics to increase their impact.

Barb Pritikin, Brand Manager, Kraft Foods Group, Chicago, IL

Brian impressed me with his strategic thought leadership, drive for results and passion for the companies he represents. His understanding of the target audience and need states for campaigns led to breakthrough creative development and flawless execution in the field.


Brian Ferber is an experienced client-service and business development professional that combines his agency and entrepreneurial experience, along with an extended network, to support client’s achieving their marketing goals. In today’s world, it’s all about “connecting culturally relevant content.”

Services range from insights analysis and concepting to program development and budgeting to community management and execution, Culture-Content works with what clients have or gets them what they need to deliver on marketing objectives and goals. Brian and his team are available for hire in the following categories:

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