What is the Culture-Content Collective?

In 2011 Brian Ferber enacted a plan to earn and learn, while evolving with the changing times in the marketing industry by investing in the skills needed for the future by committing to the idea of Culture-Content:

Moving forward brands would need to create and share culturally relevant content for their friends, fans, followers, customers and potential customers to succeed.

Culture-Content began as an idea and evolved into a marketing consulting business in 2014, working with clients to connect their culturally relevant content with their target audience.

Partnership since 2015 as co-producers and promoters of Bloody Mary Fest.

Email brian@culture-content.com for 2019 sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

Since 2011 Brian:

• Incorporated his own business as an entrepreneur, marketing consultant and event promoter, working in dozens of roles for a variety of clients on hundreds of projects and events with over one hundred sponsors.

• Committed to studying the evolution of communication by executing dozens of campaigns and participating in dozens of content marketing industry classes to better understand the impact on marketing and sponsorship now and in the future.

• Prioritized self-growth, giving back, contributing locally and ultimately, personal fulfillment. Brian has volunteered over four thousand hours to organizations and even created a non-profit, 501c3 organization.

Brian loves collaborating with and helping people achieve their goals. He is open to opportunities to collaborate with companies on projects in a freelance / part-time basis, or serving in a full-time role.

Barb Pritikin, Brand Manager, Kraft Foods Group, Chicago, IL

Brian is a solid communicator and examines assignments from all angles, which was instrumental in selling in the campaigns to senior management in my organization.

Alex Basich, President, The Noble Grape, Chicago, IL

Brian interacts with my customers. He listens, gives them what they want (even if they don’t know themselves) and most importantly, makes them feel good and want to come back.

Donna Sue Van Cleaf Fish, Founder, Van Cleaf Group, LLC, Chicago, IL

Our client sponsors at Chicago Gourmet request working with Brian each year because he not only brings vast expertise but also provides a creative approach to problem-solving and clear leadership in demanding situations.

Volunteer & Non-Profit Support

Brian is an experienced client-service and business development professional that combines his agency and entrepreneurial experience, along with an extended network, to support client’s achieving their marketing goals.

Culture-Content’s services range from insights analysis and concepting to program development and budgeting to community management and execution. Brian works with what clients have or gets them what they need to deliver on marketing objectives and goals.

Brian and his team are available for hire in the following categories:


• Brian specializes in experiential property development and sponsorship activation. He helps clients design experiential platforms with a community focus at the forefront that creates brand-building content to connect with a client’s audience.
• He took a brunch-focused event concept from inception to execution by creating Bloody Mary Fest in 2014. Bringing in Chicago Sport and Social Club as a partner and co-promoter in 2016, they’ve hosted over ten thousand event attendees with over twenty sponsor partners. Culture-Content is currently seeking partners and sponsors in 2019.
• He has worked on over two hundred and fifty events, focusing on community development via lifestyle passion points.


• Brian has represented Illinois Restaurant Association and their operational partner, JAM, at the premiere food and beverage event, Chicago Gourmet, as a client service liaison since 2011. He has worked with over thirty clients to bring their strategies and tactics to life.
• He has worked on over one hundred freelance projects in a variety of roles from strategic planning through execution, managing over one hundred and fifty unique clients and sponsors.
• He is available to lead an agency’s team on a new business pitch or a specific project. Brian and his Culture-Content network specialize in delivering lifestyle driven marketing programs that range in budgets from fifty thousand to multi-million dollars.


• Brian has created marketing programs or support specific initiatives for brands. He has personally executed communications/CRM for brands, including sending over one thousand emails using Mailchimp and executing over ten thousand social media posts, functioning as a community manager in dialogue with over 250K people
• Creative problem-solving is Brian’s specialty. At The Noble Grape, he has functioned as a Business Consultant & Craft Beer Specialist since May, 2018, evaluating and managing beer inventory and sales, accounting for a 20% growth in sales.
• Brian has worked with clients to discover their best content and stories to utilize on their websites through interactive brainstorming sessions focused on their brand and their target audience, utilizing the four tenets of Culture-Content development.


• Brian has personally raised over $150K for non-profit organizations for which he is passionate, including Breakthrough, Neighbors of West Loop, Skinner Park Advisory Council, West Central Association, Bike MS, Illinois Craft Brewers Guild, BikeLaneUprising and more.
• He worked with a group of volunteers to create Neighbors of West Loop, a non-profit 501c3 organization that now has the largest following in the West Loop community of Chicago.
• Brian is available for hire to support branding, communications, events and fundraising efforts. He has spearheaded membership recruitment and communication efforts for Neighbors of West Loop since 2013.

Cindy Syracuse, Vice-President, Burger King, Miami, FL

Brian is easy to work with, flexible and is able to handle any “curve ball” thrown to him by his clients and makes it all look easy. He works well in cross-functional teams and is an experienced professional who understands the nuances in working with everyone from celebrity talent, to CEOS, to everyday customers – and treats them all with the same level of respect and enthusiasm.

Ann Healing, Director of Non-Profit, Breakthrough, Chicago, IL

Brian is a very passionate and high capacity leader that truly cares about his community and the city of Chicago. His use of videos and social media got the amazing result of being the top fundraiser of the 100+ on the team. He also led and supported others to use and apply the strategies and tactics to increase their impact.

Barb Pritikin, Brand Manager, Kraft Foods Group, Chicago, IL

Brian impressed me with his strategic thought leadership, drive for results and passion for the companies he represents. His understanding of the target audience and need states for campaigns led to breakthrough creative development and flawless execution in the field.

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