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Brian Ferber is on a mission to become the best marketer, business developer and person that he can be. He would love for you to join him on this journey, so he can learn how he can best help you. Get to know Brian and the evolution of Culture-Content by first understanding his backstory.

Brian grew up in Pittsburgh and is proud to call the Steel City his hometown. He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Dayton with a degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, and minors in Psychology, Marketing and English. He continued his broad-based education by moving to Chicago in search of adventure and to establish his career.

During his first year in Chicago, Brian worked as a server and bartender at Hemingway’s Restaurant. He learned a lot about wine, spirits and the burgeoning craft beer business and fell in love with the city. He became a regular at Double Door, spending many Sundays (Industry Nights) listening to Liquid Soul and sharing the dance floor with people from all walks of life.

Chris Kapsalis, President, Legacy Marketing Partners, Chicago, IL

Brian is a creative thinker who excels at bringing clients fresh ideas that are grounded in brand strategy.

Noeleen McGrath, Owner, McGrath Communications, Chicago, IL

I highly recommend Brian to any business or individual needing to connect with their audience through relevant content.

John Minnec, CEO, The North Alliance, New York, NY

Brian works hard to understand core issues, but more importantly, to bring solutions that solve high-level category and business-building challenges.

Brian embraced life attending over 70 baseball games at Wrigley Field that first summer as a Chicagoan he didn’t pay for more than a handful of tickets, thanks to new-found connections (plus, the Cubbies had a bad season!) . Sadly, Hemingway’s abruptly closed and Brian was without a job.

Brian embarked on a job search that landed him at Group 3 Promotions. He was sent to Denver for a few months to run promotions in every pool hall from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins. This was a dream role for Brian and he quickly learned by doing — managing projects, client service relationships, and nightlife promotions, and he fell in love with snowboarding in the Rockies.

Within three years Brian worked his way up and was managing a twenty-six million dollar budget. While overseeing hundreds of employees across multiple markets and hitting or exceeding every goal, Brian grew the account from ten to 33 markets by securing business from a competing agency.

Brian then became responsible for merging the account with two agencies that specialized in trend-influence, direct marketing and CRM. Through this process, he became immersed in branding and the art of creative under the tutelage of talented leaders who were invested in helping Brian advance in his career.

The future could not have looked brighter for Brian… until… the agency lost the account and he was – once again – unexpectedly out of a job.

Brian briefly consulted with a sport and social club and went on a self-exploratory trip to Spain to run with the bulls, having fallen in love with the idea after reading The Sun Also Rises on his first trip to Europe after college. When he returned to the States, he accepted a job with Legacy Marketing Partners to run a new trend-influence program for Coors Light as an Account Director.

He worked on numerous clients and projects across dozens of brand categories, and found his greatest professional success winning a pitch for a seventy-five thousand dollar project with Burger King and then grew the business into a thirty million dollar account over three years. Brian led his team in spearheading an evolution of award-winning experiential projects from event experiences into content-generating programming.

Burger King was purchased by an international conglomerate in 2010, laying off a majority of their employees and cutting ties with all of their agencies. Once again, Brian was out of a job.

This time was different though, as he’d not only learned a lot through his corporate and life experiences, it was clear to him that the world had changed a great deal since he began his career. He realized that these changes would continue, so he decided to invest in his personal and professional development by committing to the idea of Culture-Content in 2011. You can read more about the next step in his journey here

Cindy Syracuse, Vice-President, Burger King, Miami, FL

Brian is easy to work with, flexible and is able to handle any “curve ball” thrown to him by his clients and makes it all look easy. He works well in cross-functional teams and is an experienced professional who understands the nuances in working with everyone from celebrity talent, to CEOS, to everyday customers – and treats them all with the same level of respect and enthusiasm.

Ann Healing, Director of Non-Profit, Breakthrough, Chicago, IL

Brian is a very passionate and high capacity leader that truly cares about his community and the city of Chicago. His use of videos and social media got the amazing result of being the top fundraiser of the 100+ on the team. He also led and supported others to use and apply the strategies and tactics to increase their impact.

Barb Pritikin, Brand Manager, Kraft Foods Group, Chicago, IL

Brian impressed me with his strategic thought leadership, drive for results and passion for the companies he represents. His understanding of the target audience and need states for campaigns led to breakthrough creative development and flawless execution in the field.

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